Help Celebrate Folklore in Your Region

Our fully funded Legends & Lore® Roadside Marker Grant Program is helping communities celebrate folklore unique to their region. As we expand Legends & Lore nationwide, we invite your folklore organizations and academic departments to become a program partner. Legends & Lore focuses on promoting cultural tourism and commemorating legends and folklore as an important part of every community’s cultural heritage.  The program was established in New York State with the New York Folklore Society in 2015.

Eligibility and Benefits:

Legends & Lore partners should be 501(c)(3) organizations or academic institutions.  The Foundation will provide the following:

  • Financial contributions to participating organizations
  • Organization’s name will appear on marker’s credit line


  • Review online grant applications
  • Confirm legitimacy and accuracy of proposed inscription
  • Ensure proposed text is well-written and conforms to inscription guidelines
  • Make recommendation for or against grant award
  • Promote program within your state/region to generate grant applications

Partner With Us

If you and your organization would like to help raise folklore awareness in your state as a Legends & Lore partner, let us know by calling 315-913-4060 or by emailing

For more about the program, visit our Legends & Lore page.