Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for grant funds for more than one marker?

Yes! You may apply for multiple markers in each grant round or in subsequent grant rounds. You may also apply for grants from different programs, including the historic site markers, National Register of Historic Places, and Legends & Lore.

How many markers do you fund in each round? Will getting my application in early increase my chances of funding?

Our historic signage grants are non-competitive which means we do not limit the number of marker grants awarded in each grant round. We do ask that if you are applying for more than five (5) markers to contact Christy at 315-913-4060 for preapproval. All applications submitted by the regional deadlines are considered for funding.

If my application is not approved due to insufficient documentation, may we resubmit in a future grant round if the documentation is complete? 

Yes. However, we often grant 30-day extensions to applicants in order to allow time to gather any additional primary sources we may request in support of your application.

Can I apply for a marker for my home or commercial business?

Our grants are open to all municipalities and charitable 501(c)3 organizations in New York State; the applying agency must fall into one of these categories. Often, municipal historians or local historical organizations will apply for a historic marker on behalf of the property owner.

My historical society has a very small budget. What will our cost be if we are awarded a marker grant?

Our grants do not require matching funds. The Foundation funds the entire cost of the marker, the pole and the shipping. You are only responsible for the installation.

How do we pay for the marker? Having to pay up front and then wait to be reimbursed could be a problem for our organization.

You don’t have to! Once the marker application is approved, you will receive an email with a Letter of Agreement to be signed electronically by an authorized representative of your organization (or municipality, if applicable). When this is completed, the Foundation will mail a check to the municipality or oganization for the total cost along with information on ordering your marker from our authorized foundry.

Why do we need to provide primary sources when the information appears in several books?

We can all agree that historic markers need to be historically accurate, and the only way to ensure that is with primary sources. If the name The William G. Pomeroy Foundation is on the credit line, we want to assure readers that the inscription may be relied upon without a doubt as being well researched, well written and historically accurate. Not only for those of us who are enjoying the markers today, but for future generations.

What if the inscription does not fill all the space on the marker?

Please use all the real estate on the marker. The online application includes blanks with limited character spaces to assist you in determining if your proposed text will fit on the marker. We require 1 title line and 5 lines of text; a mandatory credit line at the bottom of the marker is already included for you.

I’m not sure of the best wording for the inscription on our historic marker. Help!

Include the names of people being commemorated when possible; for example, “Amelia Jenks Bloomer” or “Jonathan Smith.” If there are too many to fit the marker, note their significance, as in “Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried Here.” Review our Current Historic Markers site for inspiration. Finally, we’re always happy to help! Contact us with questions about your proposed inscription.