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The William G. Pomeroy Foundation makes grants to 501(c)(3) organizations, nonprofit educational institutions and local, state and federal government entities to support causes and work aligned with our mission; in turn, striving to make a meaningful difference in communities and in the lives of patients and their families. 

Likely to Support: historical societies with limited resources, professional development for small history organizations, technology upgrades for small history organizations, history related podcasts, celebrations of significant national milestones in American history

Unlikely to Support: performing/visual arts related projects, consultants, documentaries, restoration projects outside upstate New York, projects outside the mission of the Foundation

All grant requests must be submitted through our online application portal.

Grants sought outside of our historic signage programs are considered special interest grants.

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Size of Grants

“For History” Grants

The Pomeroy Foundation supported 27 organizations in 2019 with programs focused on celebrating and preserving history. The average grant size was $6,485 and a median grant size of $5,000.

The Foundation awarded 282 historic signage grants in 2019 averaging $1,065 per grant.

The Foundation provided 11 professional development grants in 2019 averaging $1,000 per grant.

“For Life” Grants

Health-related grants tend to vary in size.  In 2019, the Pomeroy Foundation supported 7 organizations with an average grant size of $133,893, and a median grant size of $10,000. 

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Review and Approval

For historic marker grants, please see each specific program as deadlines and approval process varies.

Special interest grants are reviewed by the Foundation Trustees with funding decisions typically made within six to eight weeks.

Regardless of outcome, all applicants will receive a response. Applications that are off-mission will be responded to immediately by Foundation staff and are not typically presented to the Trustees.

Learn more about our grant types

On occasion, we may offer challenge or matching grants in an effort to generate community support and foster additional donations by making each donor’s gift go further.

  • A matching grant is intended to encourage and incentivize members of the community to donate to an organization. It requires a specified amount of funds to be raised from other sources on a dollar for dollar basis or another stated matching factor. The matching grant is paid in equal amount(s) to the funds raised from other sources.
  • A challenge grant is intended to help an organization reach a specific fundraising goal. It requires a specified amount of funds to be raised from other funding sources before the William G. Pomeroy Foundation’s grant is released. If the specified level is not met, the grant is not paid.

The Pomeroy Foundation offers six different marker grant programs designed to help people celebrate their community’s history and cultural heritage.

Ready to apply for a signage grant now? Click here. To learn more, visit our marker program pages:

Professional Development Grant Application for NYS Historical Societies and Cultural Museums 

The Pomeroy Foundation provides need-based scholarships of $1,000 each to historical societies and cultural museums in New York State for professional development purposes.

Scholarships for professional development are to be used as follows:

Criteria to receive this grant:

  • Grants are available to 501(c)(3) historical societies and cultural museums in New York State.
  • Annual budget cannot exceed $100,000.
  • One grant per organization per year.
  • Cannot have attended the MANY Conference in the past two years.
  • A final report on your professional development experience is due to the Pomeroy Foundation by the end of the calendar year.

*The grant application process for 2020 is now closed. The deadline to apply was 02/15/20. The 2021 application will become available online in early January 2021.*