Deryn’s Message

Legends & Lore Newsletter | July 2020

Deryn Pomeroy Portrait

Dear State Partners,

In the same spirit as the inaugural newsletter, I would like to begin by thanking all of you for your involvement and enthusiasm in the Legends & Lore program. We are all facing the ongoing challenges of the pandemic – and, in this time – you have found creative ways to recognize the important stories in your home states. I would like to share some of those highlights with you.

First, I am delighted to formally announce that the Idaho Commission on the Arts and the Pennsylvania Center for Folklore at The Pennsylvania State University have both joined the Legends & Lore program as State Partners. We are excited to see what stories they will recognize. I invite you to join me in welcoming them.

There’s more big news: In New York State, the Legends & Lore program is the focus of a new podcast series called A New York Minute In History produced by the New York State Museum, WAMC Northeast Public Radio and Archivist Media. Two episodes are out now: one about Champy the lake monster and the other about the origins of the inspiration for The Leatherstocking Tales character Natty Bumppo. A third episode about the Headless Horseman will soon be released. Now you can listen to Legends & Lore on the go!

Despite the pandemic, our first grant round in 2020 brought in 12 applications across Alabama, Louisiana, New York and West Virginia. Eight applications are approved with three still in review. One application was denied.

As regions reopen, several new Legends & Lore markers have been installed. Be sure to check out our interactive marker map for updates. In May, one Legends & Lore grantee, the National Coal Heritage Area Authority, even hosted a virtual dedication ceremony for the marker recognizing Smilin’ Sid Hatfield in Matewan, West Virginia. Since gatherings are limited, it was a great idea for getting out the word and having some fun. If you plan to host a virtual dedication (or in-person), please let me know.

With the second Legends & Lore grant round in 2020 on the horizon, I also want to remind you of these important dates: grant round opens August 17; application deadline is October 2 with grants awarded beginning November 20. We look forward to helping you get attention for the folklore and legends represented in each of your states during the upcoming grant round.

Until next time, wishing you well.

Warm regards,

Deryn Pomeroy
Director of Strategic Initiatives
William G. Pomeroy Foundation