Snap That Sign Photo Campaign

Help us put your community “on the map” by taking photos of roadside markers that we’ve funded in New York State. Qualifying pictures will be featured on our interactive marker map and participants will get a Pomeroy Foundation roadside marker pin.

To get started, here’s what you need to do:

Photography and Submission Guidelines

Picture Composition 
Each qualifying submission should include one (or both) of two different photo styles: a close up (Photo A) and a landscape (Photo B).

Photo A
Photo B
  • Photo A – a “close up” shot of the marker itself, without the pole. The entire marker, including its logo area, mounting base and edges, must be in frame.
  • Photo B – a “landscape” photo shows the entire marker and pole, as well as its surroundings. Shoot this photo from a distance so that you capture key features related to the marker (e.g. a building, cemetery, field, etc.). This photo should give the viewer perspective on the marker’s location.

Check out this tips sheet for more information about taking quality roadside marker photos.

File Format & Size
Submitted photos must be saved as JPG, PNG or GIF files. Images should be high resolution. Each individual image should not exceed 8MB.

Photo Submissions
We are accepting photo submissions through Sunday, May 31. Send to the following email address:

*Be sure to include your full name, contact information (including mailing address), marker title and its location. Photos become property of the William G. Pomeroy Foundation®.

A Thank You
If your photo is selected for publication on our website, we will notify you and provide you with a link to your photo(s). We’ll also send you a Pomeroy roadside marker pin as a thank you for participating.

Social Media
Share you photos on social media! Tag the Pomeroy Foundation on Facebook or mention us on Twitter (tag or mention us: @wpgfoundation). Be sure to use the hashtag #snapthatsign

Consult local and New York State guidelines regarding shelter-at-home and social-distancing related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, please be mindful of traffic and parking regulations as you snap that sign!