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National Votes for Women Trail December 2020 Newsletter

Dear NVWT friends,

As we look to 2021, we want you to know that your efforts this year have made a difference.

The National Votes for Women Trail has continued to make impressive strides during these trying times thanks to your ongoing dedication to the program and the legacy we all aim to create.

This newsletter contains just some of the wonderful highlights since the centennial celebration this past August. For example, you will find more of the remarkable stories from across the country you have helped to illuminate on the NVWT, such as the contributions of Zobedia Alleman and Arabella Mansfield, or the important role of the Patagonia Schoolhouse in Arizona. This history and your efforts are also making the headlines, with coverage ranging from CNN to your local TV stations and newspapers.

As of today, grant funding has already been awarded for 68 NVWT markers across the country and an additional 179 marker nominations have been submitted. Building upon this good work, we know there’s more we can do. As NVWT Advisory Committee Chair Judy Wellman says in her Q&A for this newsletter: “If you go and stand in front of a National Votes for Women Trail marker in your own local neighborhood, you’re not looking at the end; it’s just the beginning.”

The marker nomination process isn’t over yet either. Remember, you still have time to submit a nomination in the weeks ahead. We have extended the NVWT marker nomination deadline to Friday, January 15, 2021.

None of this would be possible without your continued engagement in the NVWT. You’re helping to fulfill this important mission and make it a lasting gift for future generations.

Marsha Weinstein
National Collaborative of Women’s History Sites

Paula Miller
Executive Director
William G. Pomeroy Foundation