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Goose Day: This PA Holiday Says ‘Eat Goose, Get Luck’

In Lewistown, PA, tradition goes that if you eat goose on September 29 then you’ll receive good luck and fortune in the year ahead. This long-held belief is at the heart of a regional celebration called Goose Day.

Communities in central Pennsylvania have been enjoying this local holiday for over two centuries. While Goose Day has English origins rooted in St. Michaelmas Day, residents and visitors of the Juanita River Valley now can find plenty of modern twists on the holiday like Goose Day-branded signage, giveaways and public art projects. There’s even a slogan: “Eat Goose, Get Luck.”

In November 2020, the William G. Pomeroy Foundation awarded a grant to the Community Partnerships RC&D for a Legends & Lore marker commemorating Goose Day. This past September, a marker dedication ceremony was held as part of the regional celebration and also received local news coverage in The Sentinel.

Social media saw a flurry of photos from the local event, including many pictures on Facebook of people posing with the Legends & Lore marker and the official Goose Day mascot. Attendees also touted a large sign displaying the phrase, “I Believe in Goose Day.”

While Goose Day is celebrated every September, the Legends & Lore marker highlights this unique local tradition all year round. If you go, the marker is located on the grounds of the Mifflin County Library in Lewistown, PA.