National Historic Marker Day

Get out the soap and water, it’s time to make your community’s markers sparkle!

National Historic Marker Day, held on the last Friday of every April, encourages communities to maintain their local historic markers by cleaning them and providing an opportunity to celebrate and preserve history.

According to the Historical Marker Database, there are more than 138,000 historic markers located across the United States. Many of them have not received any care or maintenance for years.

Show your community pride on National Historic Marker Day by putting in a little elbow grease, all while having some fun outdoors. This is a great project for families and friends, civic organization, schools and youth groups or anyone who just wants to give back to your community. All are welcome to participate in National Historic Marker Day!

National Historic Marker Day 2022 promo graphic.

To help you get started, we’ve created an easy-to-use PDF guide and step-by-step marker cleaning video for National Historic Marker Day participants.

Get Involved

Share Your National Historic Marker Day Photos
Participants are encouraged to share photos of their marker cleaning efforts on social media using  #NationalMarkerDay as the unifying hashtag. Marker Day photos can also be emailed to

During the week after National Historic Marker Day, the Pomeroy Foundation will publish a photo gallery on Facebook and Twitter sharing some of the submitted photos.

How to Clean Historic Markers