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What Others Are Saying About Us

We work closely with many individuals and organizations to fulfill our core initiatives, whether it’s helping people celebrate their community’s history or supporting patients and their families facing a blood cancer diagnosis. The sentiments of our partners and grant recipients matters deeply. We’re proud to share what they’re saying about us.

We are moved by the incredible work that countless individuals, organizations and communities have accomplished to date with the North Carolina Civil Rights Trail. We are amplifying our state’s history of civil rights—from the mountains to the coast—with historic markers, telling stories of the people, places and events who left an indelible legacy for future generations. The Pomeroy Foundation has been instrumental in making the N.C. Civil Rights Trail markers a reality as our funding partner.

Angela M. Thorpe
Director, North Carolina African American Heritage Commission

The Lafayette Trail has an incredible partnership with the William G. Pomeroy Foundation and we have done great things together. They have provided the essential grant funding that allowed us to place over 30 markers so far with more on the horizon.

Julien Icher
Founder & President, The Lafayette Trail

I have worked on a variety of projects with the William G. Pomeroy Foundation for several years, both in my previous position as Executive Director of the Museum Association of New York (MANY) and in my current position as New York State Historian. Their New York State Historic Marker Grant Program is world-class and the support they have given to the A New York Minute in History podcast is vital to that program’s success. I can honestly say that there is no better friend to New York State’s history than the Pomeroy Foundation.

Devin Lander
New York State Historian

As the great-great granddaughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and the great granddaughter of Harriot Stanton Blatch, both woman's suffrage & rights pioneers, I am scurrying around New York State for the unveiling of Pomeroy plaques in Shoreham, Long Island; Johnstown, at the foothills of the Adirondack mountains; and soon to East Hampton. At these events, I have noticed that your foundation has created the greatest sense of civic pride that I have witnessed in years. Thus, from the depth of my existence, thank you for recognizing contributions to democracy that have impacted 51% of the population – women. Your cause is worthy!

Coline Jenkins
Descendant of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

We’ve had the opportunity to help more than 40 communities celebrate their local stories through the Pomeroy Foundation’s Legends & Lore program. It’s strengthened our statewide connections, brought more attention to folklore, and enhanced awareness of our work.

Ellen McHale, Ph.D.
Executive Director, New York Folklore

I congratulate The William G. Pomeroy Foundation for its contributions to preserve New York’s history. The North Hempstead grants provided by the Foundation have reinforced the rich history of our town while inspiring restoration and preservation efforts at these historic sites. Please continue your wonderful program!

Howard Kroplick
North Hempstead Town Historian

The Cedar Point House marker recognizes the symbol of dreams realized through hard work and persistence. Often, the attempt to modernize leads to the destruction and disappearance of what was once our greatness. Though many are too young to remember the history firsthand, The William G. Pomeroy Foundation has offered the opportunity to study and appreciate it by funding historical markers across the state. As a retired teacher and the granddaughter of the last proprietors of Cedar Point House, I applaud your work. I hope the interest of many will be sparked and they will be motivated to consider the legacy they will leave to future generations.

Stephanie Adamowicz Porcelli
Town of Moriah Historical Society

I just want to thank the William G. Pomeroy Foundation for awarding a grant for commemorating the birthplace of Matilda Joslyn Gage. This worthy lady was (until now) practically forgotten about in Cicero. If not for your foundation, her footprint may have remained unnoticed here indefinitely. Thanks again for your generous grant.

Thomas B. Mafrici
Cicero Town Historian