Who We Are


The William G. Pomeroy Foundation is committed to supporting the celebration and preservation of community history; and to raising awareness, supporting research and improving the quality of care for patients and their families who are facing a blood cancer diagnosis.

Front row, pictured left to right, are Susan Hughes, Christy Coon, Deryn Pomeroy. Back row, left to right, are Paula Miller, Sandra Pomeroy, Bill Pomeroy, Chris McCallops, Steve Bodnar, Lynn Sturtz. Not pictured: Ryan Jennings, Cheryl Curtis, Jodi Oaks, Nicole Fragnito Photo: ©2018rontrinca

Establishing the Pomeroy Foundation

Our mission began in 2005 when Founder and Trustee Bill Pomeroy was fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia and his survival was in doubt. Fortunately, he was matched with a donor and received a lifesaving stem cell transplant. 

Bill felt that, should he survive, he would help others in a similar situation. The idea became the genesis for the Foundation’s first initiative: to diversify the bone marrow donor registry so that anyone, from any ethnic background, can find a matched donor. We have many incredible partners who are involved in advancing this lifesaving work. 

Our other initiative is helping people to celebrate their community’s history. We meet this by providing grants to obtain signage in the form of roadside markers and plaques. Since 2006, we have funded over 1,500 signs across the United States, all the way to Alaska. We have grown to offer six signature marker grant programs in addition to marker programs funded through partnerships with non-profit, municipal and academic organizations.