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Official State Marker Grant Partnerships

As the nation’s leading funder of historic roadside markers, the Pomeroy Foundation has made a commitment to help promote public education and economic growth by partnering to support existing state marker programs.

Roadside markers bring recognition to the stories and legacies that make up the history of your state, and too often, these stories remain untold due to lack of funds. We are here to bridge that gap so that purchasing historic markers is no longer an obstacle for potential applicants.

Scroll down to view details about our current state partnerships.

Ohio History Connection

The Ohio Historical Marker program, administered by the Local History Services Department of the Ohio History Connection, began in 1957 and encompasses over 1,700 markers that tell the state’s history as written by its communities. These markers tell the unique stories of the people, places, things, and events that helped shape individual communities as well as Ohio and the nation. Partnering in 2014, the Pomeroy Foundation provides Ohio History Connection with funding for up to 20 historic markers each year.

State Historical Society of Iowa

The State Historical Society of Iowa’s historical marker program raises awareness of Iowa’s rich cultural history and connects people to the places and points of pride that make the state unique. The William G. Pomeroy Foundation partnered with the State Historical Society of Iowa to establish a subgrant program to help fund 15 historic markers which tell the story of the people and places that have shaped the land now known as the State of Iowa with a priority on highlighting stories of historically underrepresented groups.

Illinois State Historical Society

The Illinois State Historical Society’s markers program recognizes sites of national or statewide significance, thereby increasing public awareness and appreciation of Illinois’ rich historical legacy. Since 1934, the Society has commemorated over 400 sites. Pomeroy Foundation has partnered with Illinois State Historical Society to fund 25 new historic markers. The grant will offer matching funds to communities and historical organizations that have identified a historical event, person, or location of significance to Illinois’s narrative that has previously been overlooked, overshadowed, marginalized, or lost. Applications are available online at

Indiana Historical Bureau

The Indiana State Historical Marker Program, administered by the Indiana Historical Bureau (IHB), commemorates history of statewide and/or national significance. IHB is committed to ensuring the topics marked represent the rich and diverse history of the state, including structures important in telling the history of marginalized communities. The Pomeroy Foundation partnered with IHB to fully or partially fund up to 36 markers through 2024 that will commemorate historical points of interest significant to the State of Indiana. Priority topics include underrepresented, minority, and ethnic groups in Indiana history. Visit IHB’s marker application webpage for details.

Wisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin Historical Society’s State Historical Markers program tells the stories about events, individuals, buildings, or sites of local, state, or national significance that contribute to Wisconsin’s rich historical heritage. There are more than 590 official state markers in Wisconsin that carry approved historical inscriptions. The Pomeroy Foundation has partnered with Wisconsin Historical Society to fund 32 new and replacement historic markers over three years with a focus on African American history, Native American history and underrepresented histories.


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