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Grant Application - Blood Cancer FAQ

Summary of 2022 Blood Cancer Grants

  • The Pomeroy Foundation supported 7 organizations with programs relating to blood cancer.
  • The average grant size was $221,529 and a median grant size of $300,000.


Categories: Grant Application - Blood Cancer

Review & Approval Information

The Pomeroy Foundation’s Trustees currently consider applications for Special Interest Grants on a quarterly basis. To give our staff have sufficient time to prepare to present your request at our next Grant Committee Meeting, applications and supporting materials must be received via our grant portal by one of the 2023 deadlines listed below:

Friday, March 17

Friday, June 16

Friday, September 15

Friday, December 15

Regardless of the outcome, all applicants will receive a response within a month of the quarterly deadline.

Applications that are off-mission will be responded to promptly by Foundation staff and are not typically presented to the Trustees.

Categories: Grant Application - Blood Cancer