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Help Bring Legends & Lore to New States

As our State Partners, you know the Legends & Lore program better than anyone. That’s why we’re turning to you for your recommendations about which organizations across the country would make a great fit as our next Legends & Lore State Partners. Your referrals are welcomed.

Is there someone in your network who comes to mind? We’d be delighted to connect with them and learn about how their folklore-related organization might be right for the next state partnership. As with all current partnerships, it remains important that candidate organizations have a statewide reach and the capability of vetting applications from all corners of their state.

If you’d like to make a referral, please email Deryn Pomeroy at We encourage you to share a link to the Legends & Lore partner webpage with your contact so they can review the scope of benefits and responsibilities in advance of a conversation.

Your Legends & Lore partnerships with the Pomeroy Foundation are making a difference in 11 states. Now you can help grow the program and continue our collective effort to promote cultural tourism and commemorate folklore and legends with roadside markers.