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Legends & Lore®

We’re Seeking Legends & Lore® Partners!

Communities want to celebrate their folklore and we want to help!  But before we can bring the Legends & Lore marker program to your state, we need a partner. Helping communities celebrate folklore is a collaborative effort. That’s why our partner organizations have played such an important role in the success of Legends & Lore. 

Eligibility and Benefits

Legends & Lore partners should be 501(c)(3) organizations, nonprofit academic institutions or state supported councils/agencies with a state-wide reach. The Foundation will provide the following:

  • Annual financial contribution to partner organization
  • Organization’s name will appear on each marker’s credit line
  • Assistance with promotion of grant program


  • Review online grant applications
  • Confirm legitimacy and accuracy of proposed inscription
  • Ensure proposed text is well-written and conforms to inscription guidelines
  • Make recommendation for, or against, the awarding of a grant
  • Promote program within your state/region to generate grant applications

Partner With Us

If you and your organization would like to help raise folklore awareness in your state as a Legends & Lore partner, let us know by calling 315-913-4060 or by emailing