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Ohio Arts Council and Texas Folklore Society Join Legends & Lore

The exciting growth of Legends & Lore continued in the first half of 2022 with both the Ohio Arts Council (OAC) and Texas Folklore Society (TFS) becoming the program’s newest state partner organizations.

Both organizations bring a robust, state-focused base of knowledge to their important role as partners. The OAC funds and supports quality arts experiences to strengthen Ohio communities. The TFS collects, preserves, and shares the practices and customs of the people of Texas and the Southwest.

“Encouraging cultural tourism is an important part of promoting a vibrant Ohio arts economy,” said Donna S. Collins, OAC Executive Director. “The Ohio Arts Council looks forward to spotlighting local folk and traditional arts and culture through Legends & Lore.”

“The Texas Folklore Society is thrilled to partner with the Pomeroy Foundation on this program,” said Kristina Downs, Secretary/Editor and Executive Director of TFS. “As a large and diverse state, Texas has an especially rich and varied folk culture. The Legends & Lore program will enable local communities to celebrate and showcase their traditions.”

With OAC and TFS joining Legends & Lore this year, the grant program is now available in a total of 13 states. Marker grant applications from Ohio and Texas will be accepted starting with the upcoming Legends & Lore grant round opening on Monday, Aug. 29.

More than 140 Legends & Lore marker grants have been awarded by the Pomeroy Foundation since the program’s inception in 2015. In addition to Ohio and Texas, Legends & Lore marker grants are available in the following states: Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont and West Virginia.

Is there an organization in your network that might be a great fit as a Legends & Lore state partner? Let us know by emailing Deryn Pomeroy, Director of Strategic Initiatives, at

As with all Legends & Lore partnerships, it is important that candidate organizations have a statewide reach and the capacity to vet applications from all areas of their respective state. We invite you to share the Legends & Lore partner webpage in advance of an introduction so your contact can learn more about the responsibilities and benefits.