Patriot Burials Marker Program

This special historic marker series commemorates patriot burials in New York State. It is an opportunity to recognize those who fought in or were involved with the struggle for American independence.

The purpose of the Patriot Burials Marker Program is to provide Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (ESSSAR) chapters the opportunity to apply for historic markers for cemeteries where Revolutionary War patriots are buried. Chapters are invited to apply directly, rather than through historical societies or municipalities.

Patriot Burial markers are fully funded and include the marker, 7’ aluminum pole and shipping costs.

Apply for Grant

Grant Eligibility

Patriot Burial marker grants are available to ESSSAR Chapters. All chapters must apply through our online application portal, accessible via the “Apply” buttons on this page.

Guidelines for ESSSAR Chapters 

The following guidelines are intended to ensure accuracy, fairness and uniformity in the selection of text to be placed upon the Patriot Burial markers.

  • The markers are to be dedicated to patriots of the Revolutionary War.
  • The name of the cemetery must be determined and appear on the marker.
  • All known patriots in the cemetery must be recognized. For example, a single patriot must not be singled out while ignoring additional patriot burials in the same cemetery.
  • The applying chapter must conduct a good faith effort to identify any and all appropriate Revolutionary War patriot burials in the same cemetery. Proof of this effort will be required. Please note that the Find a Grave website may not include all burials in a given cemetery, and therefore, additional effort will be required to assess whether a full inventory of patriot burials exists.
  • In general, if the number of patriot burials is minimal, an effort will be made to include their name(s) on the marker. Otherwise, the number of patriot graves will be indicated.
  • If there is sufficient room, the rank of the patriot(s) will be included.
  • Additional text describing patriot’s post-war activities is only permissible if room is available after the above guidelines are met.
  • Markers will only be placed in cemeteries where similar signage indicating patriot burials does not already exist.
  • The applying chapter must obtain the necessary permission in writing from the property owner for the marker to be placed at the cemetery.

Applications will only be accepted for markers commemorating a cemetery or burial ground that is either publicly accessible without having to cross private property or is visible from the site where the marker is installed.

Marker Design and Text Guidelines 

Patriot Burial markers are blue with yellow raised lettering and border. The top of each marker has the Patriot Burials logo. Markers are 32” x 18” cast aluminum with a 7’ aluminum pole.

The title of the marker must state “Patriot Burials” and the five body lines can each have 27 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Either the exact date of the earliest burial or burials as early as (the year) needs to appear as part of the text.

The Patriot Burial Committee and the Pomeroy Foundation have the final decision on the appropriateness of any text to be placed upon a marker.

There is a required credit line at the bottom of the marker which is always included.

Grant Application Deadline

2021 Important Dates

  • 06/01/21 – Letter of Intent (LOI) becomes available online
  • 07/15/21 – Deadline to submit LOI
  • 08/02/21 – Application deadline
  • October 2021 – Grants awarded

2022 Important Dates

Round One
  • 02/21/22 – Letter of Intent (LOI) becomes available online
  • 03/21/22 – Deadline to submit LOI
  • 04/25/22 – Application deadline
  • June 2022 – Grants awarded
Round Two
  • 09/21/22 – Letter of Intent (LOI) becomes available online
  • 10/19/22 – Deadline to submit LOI
  • 11/23/22 – Application deadline
  • February 2023 – Grants awarded


Historical Accuracy

The applying chapter must provide primary sources to document both the patriot(s) Revolutionary War service and subsequent burial in the cemetery. Acceptable proof of service includes pension records, muster rosters, military bounty land records, and official state government-compiled records, such as Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution. Acceptable proof of burial includes records of the organization or agency that owns the cemetery, as well as current photos of headstones.

Application Procedure

LOIs (Letter of Intent) and applications are only accepted online. To create an account to initiate the LOI/application process, please click the following button.

Apply Online

The LOI allows Foundation staff to assist applicants early in the process to determine if additional primary sources are required and if the proposed marker text fits Foundation criteria. Once the LOI is submitted online, a response is sent by email within approximately one week.

LOIs must include the following:

  • list of primary sources
  • proposed inscription for marker

Applications must include the following:

  • proposed installation location in specific detail (including GPS coordinates)
  • a brief description and historical significance of what is being commemorated
  • proposed inscription for marker
  • an IRS Determination Letter [for 501(c)(3) organizations only]
  • a letter from the landowner granting permission for the marker to be installed
  • primary source documents verifying proposed inscription


Contact Christy at or 315-913-4060, Monday – Friday between 8:15 am and 5:00 pm (EST).